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  • 9 High Impact eCommerce New Year’s Resolutions For You To Master

    We have prepared nine eCommerce new year’s resolutions ranging from easy to challenging and being proficient at any one will have significant impact on your ability to drive success to your eCommerce ventures. Nevertheless, as with any worthwhile endeavour, each will require persistence and consistency. Get cracking! Learn Re-Marketing Master a Social Media Channel Master […]

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  • Social Psychology in eCommerce: The Gravity of Trust

    Andrea Peterson Trust Quote

    The Ultimate Value Trust is a vital concept when it comes to social psychology in eCommerce. Trust appears wherever risk, uncertainty and dependency exists, and is something online shops strive to earn from their shoppers. Consumers trusting an online retailer is important in establishing transactional behavior. It is a weighty concept that is often taken […]

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  • eCommerce Solutions: Drive Sales By Appealing To Different Shoppers

    Men & women shop very differently. Women browse more & compare products meticulously, whereas men are more likely to simply rush along single-mindedly hoping not to get distracted from the original purpose of having ventured into a marketplace. An eCommerce shop then, should cater to the differences that abound among shoppers. It is known that consumers connect […]

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  • InstanteStore Partnership With iPay88 Will Benefit Malaysian Merchants

    Malaysian merchants who are planning to start an online business will be pleased to know that InstanteStore is integrated with iPay88 which is one of South East Asia’s leading payment gateway. InstanteStore is able to help local merchants who are starting a new business with an online store setup. Depending on what merchants require, we […]

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  • InstanteStore Is Integrated With Google Trusted Stores

    Excellent news for merchants who wish to showcase their Google Trusted Store status on their site. InstanteStore is integrated with Google Trusted Stores. For merchants who are eligible and who meet Google’s requirement, please let us know and we can have the feature switched on for your store. Google Trusted Stores is a free certification […]

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  • InstanteStore Partners With Retaily To Help Merchants Sell More

    InstanteStore has been helping merchants sell online for the past 14 years. Many of the shopping cart features that InstanteStore offer are to help complement their merchants’ online business.  They understand that there’s a need to help small and medium sized businesses sell more and have partnered with Retaily to do so. Retaily is a […]