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  • Ecommerce Tips To Retain And Grow Your Customer Base

    One of the biggest challenges faced by online sellers is sales conversion. With so much effort put in to build an online store, it needs to be worthwhile for your online business to take off.

    Here are some crucial and practical tips to retain and grow your customer base.

    Develop A Unique Core Differentiator (UCD)

    There’s tonnes of other people selling products that are similar to yours. Unless you make your own products, you need a UCD – Unique Core Differentiator.

    What makes your product or services DIFFERENT than others?


    Because in all honesty, if whatever you’re selling is no different than what others are offering out there, then why would people want to buy from you?

    Sure, if you have a good shipping strategy, that will help but what’s the core value of your company and the products or services that you offer.

    The market is competitive and unless your product pricing is irresistible or you’re in a niche market, you will need to give consumers a very good reason to buy your products or use your services.

    Offer value, great customer service, unique bundles, something that makes your business stand out from the rest of your competitors.

    Give Free Samples

    If you’re selling any food, health care or consumables, one of the best ways to engage new customers and to encourage them to try your products is to give out free samples.


    This is usually done in events, road shows, conventions and places with high traffic like shopping malls and public places.

    People are usually hesitant when it comes to new products but once they try out a free sample, they’re more open to making a purchase.

    If you’re selling consumable health care products, prepare lots of small samplers as this is also a great way to help get the word out about your products and company when you sponsor them at huge events.

    If you’re marketing is done right, people get to :

    – try your products
    – discover your brand
    – discover your product benefits
    – receive an offer they can’t refuse to encourage them to make their first purchase

    Once they make their first purchase, give them an offer to share with more friends and reward them for their loyalty.

    While different businesses are selling different products, always have in mind to create a good shopping experience for your customers each step of the way.

    Create A Referral Program

    Give your customers a good experience and create a referral program that is easy and smooth enough for them to share with others.

    Uber does a good job of spreading the word around with their simple referral program which is a win-win for all parties.


    Word of mouth and referral from friends and people you trust tend to spread faster. So think about making your referral easy for customers to share out.

    Give 20

    Uber prompts their customers with a unique discount code the moment they complete their ride as referrals from friends REALLY take off well.

    Tip : Consider giving a referral code to your customer in the order confirmation email with the same code included in the package to encourage them to share with friends.

    Partner With Other Businesses

    Partnering with other businesses whose products complement yours will create a win-win for both parties.


    For instance, if you’re selling health food, it would make sense to partner with health related businesses selling fitness gear, sports clothing, gyms, yoga classes, restaurants, cafes as it flows along the same lines of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Did I mention salad bars too?

    If you’re selling clothing or fashion related products, partner with businesses that consumers will buy from like those selling cosmetics, designer accessories, shoes, skin care, etc.

    It’s another way of introducing and giving your product range more exposure to places that are frequented by consumers.

    Tip : Package your product in a way that will attract attention and pique curiosity.

    Reward Your Customers Well

    Every customer counts. No matter how small the purchase order that was made, give them a good shopping experience and reward them.


    This could come in the form of :

    – a hand written thank you card to show genuine care and gratitude
    – free gift sample of one of your products or SURPRISE them
    – discount voucher which they could use for their next purchase
    – all of the above?

    I’m not asking you to bake them a cake (you could if you want) but think of ways to delight and wow them. Your customers will be happily sharing the experience with their family and friends. In fact, encourage them to post on social media if they’re over the moon about it and reward them for referring your business to others.

    Understand Your Best And Worst Customers’ Needs

    Feedback is always important because it’s a good reality check for any business.

    So don’t fret if you get any customer complains. It’s better to receive some feedback than none at all.

    Customer Service

    These 2 groups of customers are at the end of each spectrum.

    The best customers are those that are pleased with your products and service but they are also the ones who make specific requests. These could come in the form of specific product requirements, bundles, customization, etc.

    The benefits : They could be showing you what similar customers like them are looking for so that you can offer a business solution catered for similar customers like them.

    The worse customers are those that literally complain about every single thing. Yes, they can be a nightmare to deal with. But…

    Some of the main reasons that customers complain is because of :

    – not enough information about the product or instructions on how to use the product
    – don’t know where their stuff is if no shipping estimate duration time provided
    – item arrive not as described on your site
    – item arrive damaged, broken or wrong item!
    – not enough information about shipping, returns and refund policy

    The benefits : You can choose to turn things around and see it from a different perspective on how to improve your products, sales funnel process flow and customer experience because they could be showing you something about your business that needs improving.

    Offer Useful And Practical Advice To Consumers

    Most businesses bypass this because it takes time and effort to create relevant and helpful content. But if you’re going to do business online, you need to see things from a long term perspective of adding value to customers and improving your site’s SEO.


    You can easily find questions related to your product or services on popular forums like Quora, Reddit, etc. These sites are not for you to sell your stuff there least you get banned.

    Use the search box and look for specific terms related to your business to offer useful and practical advice to people who have questions. The idea is to participate in the discussions by giving valuable advice, tips and encouragement.

    You can add a link back to your site for folks who want to know more about you or information on the write up that will help them.

    To do this, you need to have a blog on your own site where you blog about the benefits, value, tips, advice, how-to’s about topics related to your product. Share these on social media as well.

    Help Is Available

    If you’re at your wits end and really need help to evaluate your current business process or need advice on how to improve your business, let us know.

    Help is available. Contact us and let us know what you are struggling with or if you have better suggestions, comments and feedback on how we can help you sell more. We’ll definitely get back to you.

    If you don’t have a store yet but you’re unsure on how to start one, check out these practical ecommerce tips for first time sellers.

    Ready to start your online store? Get moving with our FREE 15 day trial now.

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  • Change Your Shipping Strategy To Increase Online Sales

    If you’ve been getting a reasonable amount of traffic to your store but you have a high abandoned cart rate, chances are it’s your shipping that’s killing your sales.

    Because if buyers are adding products to the cart but they hit the brakes at checkout, it’s a clear signal that what they saw at checkout did not convince them to go ahead with the purchase.

    So you may want to consider changing your shipping strategy to increase online sales.

    Buyers Love Free Shipping

    According to comScore, 77% of online shoppers say that free shipping remains the most important option during checkout and 60% have added items to their cart to qualify for free shipping.

    Consumers are doing more research comparing and purchasing online across devices as they are influenced by social media while free shipping continues to drive purchasing decisions.

    So, here’s the issue.

    While free shipping will encourage shoppers to buy, it should not come at the expense of sellers suffering a loss for running an online business.

    What can sellers do?

    There are a few changes that you can implement on your store to help increase online sales.

    Recalculate Your Shipping

    Market trend and survey clearly shows that buyers favor free shipping.

    What you can do is to recalculate shipping on your end to try and lower the cost of shipping to your customers.


    Find the best value shipping rates by comparing several shipping providers’ rates.

    Some of them offer better rates using different services which you can make use of.

    You want to cut shipping cost to offer buyers value but don’t forget to let customers know the shipping time frame.

    Types Of Free Shipping

    If you’re going to offer free shipping, you can either :

    – offer based on total order value (Example : Free Shipping on orders above $49) OR
    – offer based on total items (Example : Free Shipping for 5 or more items)

    InstanteStore Free Shipping

    Free shipping usually means a longer delivery time.

    Consumers WANT free shipping because of the notion that they don’t have to pay for it and that it’s a form of savings for them.

    Sellers must remember to state clearly the estimate delivery time frame upfront according to the shipping provider.

    Customers have no problem waiting IF they know beforehand the estimated delivery time frame BEFORE they make the purchase.

    If not, they may end up cancelling their orders if they are left in the dark as to how long or where their stuff is before they can receive it.

    Offer Additional Shipping Methods

    If you can’t offer free shipping to customers, there are other alternative shipping methods that you can provide.

    InstanteStore Shipping

    Offer a flat rate per order (Example : $4.99 shipping per order) OR

    Offer flat fee per item with extra charge per additional item (Example : $4.99 shipping, $2 for each additional item)

    Our InstanteStore shipping module has quite a number of shipping options for sellers to make use of.

    If you prefer to charge shipping with your own rates, you can configure them based on either product weight, quantity OR price by selecting Configure Pairs.

    Whichever option you choose, please simplify it for your customers to understand.

    Need help configuring your shipping? Check out how to set up shipping in InstanteStore.

    But Customers Want Their Stuff Fast

    Some customers do not like to wait to receive their products.

    In this day and age, who does? Fair enough.

    So if customers want their stuff fast, then they can choose to pay for faster shipping.

    Give them that option.

    Your online store could have a few shipping options for customers other than free shipping.

    You know how Amazon does it. Want your stuff fast, pay more.

    Offer International Shipping

    Don’t limit your products to only the domestic market.

    World Map

    Oversea buyers may be interested to purchase your products as you want to reach a wider target market group other than the domestic consumer.

    Again, check and compare with international shipping providers to see what’s the best value that you can offer international buyers.

    If you can offer affordable international shipping, you would have grown your target market audience and not be limited to only the domestic market.

    Don’t have a store with us yet? Try out our free 15 day trial now

    Try it Now

    Display Your Shipping Offer Clearly

    Buyers these days don’t have the time to rummage through your entire site looking for how you charge shipping.

    Especially if they’re shopping online with their mobile phones.

    They want to land on your site, find what they’re interested in and buy.

    Hence it’s important that your shipping offer and charges are displayed clearly on your main page.

    Whether you’re offering free shipping on everything :

    Free Shipping

    Or setting a minimum amount to qualify for free shipping :


    Simplify it and display it clearly so customers understand and they can get on with their online shopping.

    You can have a separate shipping page to state down clearly all the other shipping charges and options which customers can refer to if they’re interested.

    In Summary

    Your products may be attractive but you’ll need to make sure shipping is reasonable and appealing enough for customers to proceed with the purchase.

    Knowing that free shipping is one of the main pulling factor for customers to complete their online purchase, offer that clearly on your site.

    It’s also a great way to encourage customers to spend more to get free shipping.

    Simplify and state clearly your shipping offer on your main page which customers can understand easily.

    Also make sure you state the rates and estimate delivery time clearly so customers can make an informed decision and not be left in the dark on how long they can expect to receive their products if they make a purchase.

    So change your shipping strategy to increase online sales by :

    – offering free shipping
    – simplifying shipping charges
    – showing your shipping offer clearly on the main page
    – ensuring shipping rates and estimated delivery times are stated clearly
    – offering affordable international shipping to grow target market
    – offer alternate shipping charges for customers who want fast shipping

    Try out these changes and measure your sales.

    Cut down your abandoned cart rates. If you need to set up abandoned cart emails, here are the steps.

    Give customers a good reason to complete their online orders with these shipping strategies.

    If you’re unsure on how to configure your shipping methods and shipping rates, please contact our tech support team or get an overview on shipping configuration.








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  • InstanteStore Cross-Sell Feature And Cross-Sell Cart Layout

    Hello everyone! Last week was quite an amazing week for China’s Alibaba who raked in a whopping $14.3 billion worth of sales within 24 hours on 11th November 2015 – China’s Singles Day. This was a great leap compared to last year’s China Singles’ Day 2014 which netted $9.3 billion in sales for Alibaba. Jack Ma must be laughing all the way to the bank!

    Mobile sales alone accounted for nearly $9.8 billion worth of goods (nearly 70% of total sales alone). Looks like lots of folks were doing some serious shopping with their mobile phones during China’s Singles’ Day last week. Personally, I think the whole of China went shopping on that day alone!

    But that’s done and over. NOW everyone’s excited for the upcoming Thanksgiving weekend. Can’t wait to see what are the Black Friday 2015 deals going to be next week along with Cyber Monday 2015. I hope you’ve all gotten your stores ready. One of the ways that you could further promote your products is by adding cross sell.

    InstanteStore Cross Sell Feature

    It’s very simple to activate this feature. Just login to your store and click on Features at the top blue nav bar.

    Look for Cross selling feature and turn on the ones that you wish to use for your store.

    InstanteStore Cross Sell Feature

    Cross Sell On Product Page

    To cross sell on your product page, just go to your product page and click Add Cross-Sell on the blue nav bar.

    InstanteStore Add Cross Sell

    Adding product recommendations is super easy. Just click on the Add button.

    InstanteStore Add Cross Sell Product Recommendations StepSelect the different products that you wish to cross sell.

    InstanteStore Add Cross Sell Products

    And that’s it!

    InstanteStore Add Cross Sell Product Recommendations

    Once you’re done adding in all the cross sell products, your product page could look like this.

    InstanteStore Product Cross Sell Display

    Cross Sell On Final Payment Page

    It’s also good to add cross sell to your checkout page so that buyers could do some last minute decision to add in any of your cross sell products before making payment. So your checkout page could look like this.

    InstanteStore Cross Sell Checkout

    Cross-Sell Cart Listing Layout

    InstanteStore provides merchants the option on how they would like their cross sell products to be displayed in their cart listing page.

    To change the look on how your cross sell products are displayed, just add a product (which has some cross-sell products linked to it) to the cart and click checkout.

    At the checkout page, click on Cross-Sell Layout on the blue nav bar.

    InstanteStore Cross Sell Layout

    You’ll be able to pick the cross-sell layout of your choice and pick the maximum number of cross sell products per page to be displayed. Simple right?

    InstanteStore Modify Cross Sell Cart Listing Layout

    So there you have it. The flexibility to offer cross-sell on your product page and final checkout page with the ability to choose the cross-sell cart listing layout of your choice.

    If you need any help or have some suggestions, recommendations or questions, please drop us an email or send us a ticket. We would love to hear from you as we work on helping you sell more. Have a great week and happy selling!


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  • InstanteStore Unique Wholesale Pricing Feature

    The team at InstanteStore has been helping merchants sell online for more than 14 years. We’ve learned that different stores sell different things in different ways and our aim is to come up with better features that will complement our merchants’ businesses.

    Our unique wholesale pricing feature was created to meet the needs of our merchants who wish to sell in bulk.

    We have 3 different ways of offering wholesale. Merchants can pick one option.

    Just go to Settings > Wholesale.

    Personal Wholesale Pricing

    For sellers who want to provide price breaks for bulk purchase customers, this feature works wonders. Sellers can give different wholesale pricing to different groups of customers.

    For example, a regular customer sees Product A at $4.99 while a repeat customer sees the same product at $4.00 and a known bulk purchaser can buy it at $3.50. Just set the price group for the customer and our ecommerce software does everything else.

    InstanteStore Personal Wholesale Pricing
    Merchants have the option to set up to 9 different price levels per product and allocate which approved customer is entitled to which pricing level. That’s it!

    Quantity Bulk Purchase

    This is the standard feature for merchants who wish to sell in bulk.

    For example, buy 1 T-shirt for $15, buy 10 T-shirts for $10 each.

    InstanteStore Quantity Bulk Purchase

    If you’re selling T-shirts with different color options (red, blue, green, etc) and you want to offer bulk discount based on the color option (buy 10 Blue T-Shirts to qualify for $10 each), just select No.

    If you want to allow your customers to purchase with product option quantities, say for example – 3 Blue shirts, 5 Red shirts and 2 Green shirts to qualify for $10 each, just select Yes.

    Quantity Bulk Purchase Upon Approval

    Same concept as Quantity Bulk Purchase with the exception that the buyer needs approval first before being able to make the bulk purchase.

    So how’s your store’s preparation for the holiday season? Let us know if you have any questions, ideas, suggestions or feedback on how we can help you sell more this holiday season. Happy selling!


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  • InstanteStore Partners With Retaily To Help Merchants Sell More

    InstanteStore has been helping merchants sell online for the past 14 years. Many of the shopping cart features that InstanteStore offer are to help complement their merchants’ online business.  They understand that there’s a need to help small and medium sized businesses sell more and have partnered with Retaily to do so.

    Retaily is a dynamic retargeting service that aims to help small and medium sized businesses reach visitors. Many online business realize that visitors who land on their site often leave without buying anything. These visitors are the ones that business owners should be targeting since they have shown interest in their products or services when visiting their site.

    If you had a choice, wouldn’t you rather reach someone who knows and have shown some form of interest in your brand, products and services?

    The statistics are quite bleak that with every 100 visitor that comes, 99 leave without buying anything. And these are considered lost prospects forever with no way to reach them if they did not leave any contact details behind.

    Retaily Tagline

    Retaily can change that. It’s able to measure the heat wave of visitors to determine their intention when they land on a site. Whether the customer was interested in a particular product or have added it to the cart without completing the purchase, Retaily is smart enough to show the right message back to that visitor once they leave the site. These come in the form of dynamic ads which will be shown when the visitor browse popular sites.

    InstanteStore merchants get to determine the type of discount or even offer free shipping to specific visitors. Compared to other retargeting service provider which normally shows generic ads to every visitor, Retaily is smart enough to determine whether the visitor was just browsing or have a genuine interest in the product based on the heat value that it detects.

    It will then offer the right ads based on that data to the right person at the right time with the right price.

    InstanteStore merchants can now use Retaily for FREE until 31st July 2015 by going to http://retai.ly/ as setting up takes just a few clicks. If you have any questions about Retaily, please send your email to questions@esolved.com

    Here’s a short video on how Retaily works :


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  • Google Material Design

    Google launched their new design guidelines somewhere middle of last year called Material Design because they wanted to come up with a new look and feel for all their apps. Since Google’s Android platform is being used in so many different devices and screens such as TVs, watches, mobile, automobiles, etc, they needed a streamlined design interface that is both intuitive, fluid yet responsive. Hence the Google Design team had to basically start from ground zero to create a better new design system.


    Those who’ve tried out the new Android 5.0 Lollipop would definitely love the smoothness of Google’s Material Design at work. The look and feel of the user interface has improved tremendously. Users who are still using previous versions of Android may need to check whether their device are upgradable to the latest Lollipop version so they can experience the difference.


    In order to create a better design system, Google’s design team pretended to work for different brands to come up with a new material design look and feel for their sites – just to make sure that they can get it right and to show that the design system is expendable for 3rd parties. Users will notice the new Tumblr site has not only been redesigned but that its app works, looks and feels better on mobile as a material design app.

    Designers will need to learn the new material design system in order to design apps for 3rd party users. The demand for material design apps will increase as companies want to ride on the latest design language that will allow their sites and apps to run and integrate smoothly in both Android and iOS with the rise in consumer mobile usage.

    Material Design

    Remember when Microsoft launched Windows 8 and Apple released iOS 7 changing the look of their interface to flat design? So in short, Google’s Material Design may look like the continuation of flat design but based on their design principle, they are actually looking to nature to create designs with meaning instead of incorporating design from man-made objects. They want users to easily identify and connect with not just the design layout but the way it functions in a more natural manner.

    Colors are now more bold along with the fonts. You’ll notice the contrast and the fact that the interface is now more consistent, fluid and responsive when viewed on different devices.

    Check out the short intro video on Google Material Design to see what I mean :


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  • Is Your Site Mobile Friendly With Responsive Design?

    With Google announcing to change their search algorithm to include mobile friendliness as one of the ranking signals, this goes to show their shift in recognizing the importance of mobile shoppers in ecommerce.

    Hint : Are you ready for the next shopping season?

    As more folks use their mobile phones to surf and shop for stuff, it’s important to ensure that your site is mobile optimized with responsive design. This ensures that your site not only looks good but is able to load fast and adapt responsively to the different screen size of phones and tablets.

    Having a mobile responsive layout means that only the necessary information is shown to users when they access your site with their mobile devices. That makes the page load faster as consumers want to get straight to the point with their devices.

    If you want to check whether your site is mobile friendly according to Google’s standard, just use their mobile friendly test by adding in your site’s URL.

    Mobile Friendly Test

    The choice to change is completely up to business owners as some may prefer to maintain their current website look without wanting it to be responsive. However, for those who are interested to have a complete website design revamp, just drop us a line and we’ll be more than happy to help.


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  • New InstanteStore Mobile App With Mobile Optimized Responsive Layout

    InstanteStore Mobile App

    Merry Christmas everyone! Hope you’re all enjoying the holiday season celebrating with family and friends. We’ve launched our brand new InstanteStore mobile app which lets you manage your store conveniently on your mobile.

    First, your store will look awesome with our new mobile optimized responsive layout. Visitors can view your products in portrait or landscape mode which shows the simplified look of your store. This is what it’ll look like on your mobile.

    Mobile StorePortrait Category

    Landscape Mode

    Second, to use our brand new mobile app, please download it from the App Store or Google Play by searching for InstanteStore. Once you have the app installed on your mobile, just login with your store details.

    The Dashboard shows a summary of your store which includes total revenue for the day, number of visitors, orders and even products that are low in stock along with any orders that are still open pending processing from your end. Swiping the screen to the left can show you the store’s summary up to 90 days. You’ll also be able to have a quick glance on which products are low in stock.

    Dashboard Product Low Stock

    We’ve also made adding products simple and fast. Add a product image by taking a picture or upload it from your mobile phone direct. Just add in the name, price, description, select whether it’s taxable or to charge shipping (if yes, just pop in the weight) and place it in the category of your choice. That’s it! Click Publish and the changes will reflect in your store.

    Click on Order to see who’s made a purchase at your store. Tap on the customer name and it’ll show you their shipping and billing address along with the product that they’ve ordered. You can straight away mark the order as complete or Update Order Tracking (Order Status, Shipping Method and Tracking Number).

    Customer OrdersNew Order

    Pretty neat huh? Here’s a short video about our new mobile optimized responsive layout so you can see how cool it is :

    Have fun trying out our new mobile app and let us know what you think about it.


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  • MCX CurrentC To Challenge Apple Pay

    Talk about bitter rivalry.  Apple Pay made headlines from a successful launch and within only 72 hours got a massive  1 million credit card signups. However, all does not seem well with some of the major retailers who had previously come together to form MCX (Merchant Customer Exchange) lead by Walmart.

    MCX is working on their own mobile app called CurrentC which is supposed to allow customers to make payments in the future without using their credit cards while working as a loyalty card and allowing retailers to collect data on their customers’ spending habits. Bottom line, major retailers do not want to continue paying the 1.5 – 3% fees every time a customer swipe their cards.

    MCX CurrentC

    Comparatively, CurrentC uses QR codes while Apple Pay uses NFC technology. Recently major retailers CVS and RiteAid had their radio wave sensors switched off in an apparent move to get customers to use other payment methods instead of Apple Pay. Customers who wish to use Apple Pay or Google Wallet at these retailers will not be able to do so (unless they switch it on back again).

    Consumers on the other hand may be irked with this move. At the end of the day, retailers still have a choice on what type of payment method to offer their customers. On the flip side, customers also have the choice to shop somewhere else or use other forms of payment if they get irked. And most consumers are more keen to use a simple, smooth and hassle free way of paying which is where Apple Pay fits in nicely.

    Does it look like CurrentC will pose a treat to Apple Pay? Most unlikely unless they are able to offer consumers some real outstanding savings to go with them.

    Looks like more banks, retailers and merchants will be signing up for Apple Pay as Apple continues to make headway into international markets. If Alibaba’s Jack Ma decides to partner with Apple, am sure it’s going to be even better with access to China’s massive market!


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  • Apple Pay Rocks Digital Wallet Market

    Payment pioneer PayPal got their world rocked with the launch of Apple Pay recently. Bundled with the new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, Apple intends to make headway into the payments industry by offering a smooth and easy way to pay for stuff at a touch of a button. Apple is currently working with Stripe and is aggressively signing up with banks and card issuers like Visa and MasterCard in the States before expanding to other countries.

    Most payment providers see the transition of the payments industry into the digital wallet era as inevitable. Consumers are embracing the way to pay online and in stores with their mobile phones without the need to bring out their cards or cash. Although rival Square was one of the first companies to introduce the technology that turn smartphones and tablets into card readers, the company will have to fend off Apple, PayPal and Amazon Register to retain market share.

    Apple’s selling point for consumers to switch over would be how simple and secure it is to use Apple Pay to pay for stuff.

    See for yourself how easy it is to use Apple Pay here :


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  • Smart Card Technology Heats Up Payments Industry

    There’s one thing that we really love about technology is the fact that it’s supposed to make things better, faster and easier for everyone to get things done. The payments industry is heating up with two new smart card technology players that are offering consumers the convenience of storing all their cards in one single device. Say goodbye to bulky wallets where one used to keep all their credit cards, debit cards, loyalty cards, gift cards and even access cards. That’s a lot of cards!

    The first was Coin when it launched its idea in late 2013 of a single card device that is able to store consumers’ credit cards allowing them to pick which card to use when paying by pressing on a button. Bear in mind that it can store only up to 8 cards on the device and does not support chip and pin technology yet. Here’s the video on how Coin works :

    It’s currently undergoing beta testing now before their full launch in 2015.


    The other smart card technology player is Plastc which functions the same way if not better allowing you to store up to 20 cards on your Plastc card. You can store unlimited cards on your Plastc Wallet which is an app that comes together with the card. Here’s a rundown on how Plastc works :

    Both are aiming to get some market share in the payments industry when they fully launch their products by 2015. Consumers should be well aware that both devices require the use of a smartphone as a security measure. The app will prompt you when you make a payment or if you accidentally leave your Coin or Plastc behind after paying.

    Smart but what if your smartphone runs out of juice? Hmm.. looks like they’ll have to keep working on their prototypes. Looks cool though and is a great idea to help cut down the cards that you carry in your wallet. But consumers may be a bit wary of paying $100 – $155  to own one of these devices. Did I mention that both devices need recharging? Well folks, check both of them out and see how they can simplify your life.


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  • 3D Printing Technologies Bringing Positive Change

    I’m fascinated with the advancement of 3D print technologies. It looks like 3D print technologies is bringing a fresh change to every aspect of business, education, arts, music, medical, design, technology and soon – every day life.

    Impressive how the medical field is making use of 3D print technology to help patients heal by creating specific tailor-made orthosis for them that is light, breathable and flexible yet strong enough to help support muscles and bones to heal. This brings a positive change to the medical field as foresee it will soon spill over to other medical equipment and supplies that are being used daily like prosthesis.

    The Micro
    The Micro

    Those that are having the most fun tinkering with 3D print are the technology and design field. The possibilities are endless. Earlier perception was that to own a 3D printer would cost a bundle. But it looks like the first new consumer 3D printer called The Micro will be able to bring 3D printing to any home once production starts rolling and it’s available for purchase.

    Kids will be able to have so much more fun printing their own 3D project as they will probably pick up learning the technology quickly.

    LIX - lixpen.com
    LIX – lixpen.com

    Designers who want to break free from using the computer to design anything could opt for LIX, the world’s smallest 3D printing pen in the world. Am sure any artist out there could come up with a masterpiece without being limited to 2D drawings and sketches. Who wouldn’t love a good challenge when it comes to design and art?

    The question is, will this technology benefit your business? Or is there some way that you could ride on this new wave to add a boost to your current business? Am sure there’s bound to be many more practical ideas springing up soon. Or what would you like to create if you could get your hands on a 3D printer? Drop us a mail. We’d love to hear how creative you can get.

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  • Introducing The InstanteStore Template Split Test

    We’re pretty excited to introduce our new template split test feature for all our merchants to try out. The new template split test allows them to gauge how well the template of their store is performing as compared to another or several other templates. Yup, you can choose and customize up to 5 different templates if you want! Decide which ones you want to go live and the system will do the rest.

    We’ve taken your feedback to heart when you requested for brand new templates and the flexibility to customize them. Now we’ve added a split test feature to our template system so that you can compare real life results in order to help you make better decisions for your online store.

    In case you’re worried that you’ll mess up your store, fret not. Merchants have the option to decide which templates to go live and which ones to stay in Admin mode (not viewable to the public but only to the store administrator).

    So if your customers or friends have been complaining that your website looks REALLY OUTDATED, it’s high time to try out some new templates to see which ones will improve the performance of your online sales. Don’t worry as you can always select your old template back (provided you don’t delete them off!).

    By the way, we’re not charging for this feature (yet!). It’s our way of helping our merchants sell more when they are able to see the results themselves and make their own decisions on whether to stick with their old template or to use any of our free new templates.

    So let us know what you think. We appreciate feedback, questions or suggestions on how we could help you sell more. Here’s a short video on how it works. Till then, happy selling!

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  • Is Your Business Innovating With The Times?

    I’m sure all of you had a great Christmas celebrating with family and friends. It’s been quite a holiday season. My inbox was literally flooded with so many emails from retailers! Am sure the coming year 2014 will be fantastic. That is provided that companies continue to innovate and improve on their services and products.

    With tonnes of businesses all selling online, what will make these small businesses stand out among their competitors? Pricing alone may be a major draw but consumers these days are looking for something better other than excellent customer service. Are the products and services that you’re offering  still meeting their needs? It’s one thing to assume but another thing to actually get into your customer’s head to figure out what they exactly want.

    Apple CEO Tim Cook said, “If we don’t innovate, we’ll end up like Nokia.” How true.  That saying, let’s see if Apple is able to wow us all in the coming year 2014.

    Maybe customers now want to pay with bitcoins? Or they’re looking for more exotic and limited edition products? Or do you offer a special service that will help take the load off working parents or special niche groups of people? It would be good to take some time to think through on how you can improve your current business or start new ones that will be able to meet the needs of consumers in this day and age.

    Is there a particular app that can help make doing business faster, cheaper, easier? Or do you need one custom made for your business? Let us know what you think. We’d definitely like to help in any way that we can.

    One of the stores that I enjoy visiting is Ikea. The delicious meat balls (yes, food is always a draw!) and the wide area to explore their innovative products with family and friends is always relaxing (provided it’s not during the weekend when the store looks set to explode!). I like the fact that Ikea is constantly coming up with items that appeal to consumers. Design and space-saving concepts are always unique and carefully thought through. Granted they are a big company but normal small and medium sized businesses can always learn plenty from them.

    Here’s a short video from Ikea that can encourage other businesses that if you continue to innovate and offer products with solutions, you’re bound to have customers coming back to you. So put on your thinking cap as you would know your business niche better. Here’s wishing all of you a Happy New Year 2014! It will be great!

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  • Tips To Capture Online Black Friday 2013 Shoppers

    Yup, it’s that time of the year again where everyone starts to get ready for the Thanksgiving weekend. Not so much on the amount of food that one will be eating as compared to the shopping frenzy that’s going to happen. Even before the pie crumbs hit the plate, I’m sure tonnes of people will be looking at their mobile phones and tablets to buy something that they’ve had their eyes on for the past few weeks or months!

    So get your store ready now. Because at the rate that mobile commerce shoppers are buying stuff, you only have a few seconds to capture their attention before they move on to other stores. While everyone may be complaining about the state of the economy, all that seems to change the moment Black Friday arrives! Even now, major retailers have started announcing that their stores will be open earlier and for others, they have started rolling out pre-Black Friday sales.

    Other than pricing, give consumers some really good reasons to buy from your store. If your products are made locally, then highlight it. People are more than willing to help support their own local economy. Let people know about the quality of your products and services and how it will make a difference to the local community.

    The idea is to create a good impression for people to recommend your store and products to others. Good customer service still counts. If your products are environmental friendly, then encourage others to do their part for the environment.

    Even in this season of holidays and celebration, being charitable will also help remind us to be thankful for our blessings. If you’re supporting a local charity that will help make a difference in people’s lives, don’t forget to inform customers about it.

    Then there’s the usual buy 2 free 1. Buy more and get either free shipping or free products to give away to friends!

    If you want to create a sense of urgency, let people know that items are limited. Either in size or quantity. So it’s either buy now or cry later since some shoppers will wait until Cyber Monday to clinch last minute deals.

    Remember to keep it short and sweet but relevant. Also make sure that your product images are light enough so that your pages will load quickly. In my previous post, I mentioned using JpegMini or online image editor Pixlr. Heavy images tend to slow down the loading time. And you know how impatient shoppers are these days.

    Keep your text to short sentences and product description in point form. Lots of people will be using their tablets and mobiles to shop. Start announcing your deals via social media. It’s also a great way to find out what consumers are looking for. If you’re able to meet their needs, they’ll come flocking to you.

    Happy selling!

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  • Optimize Your Images Without Compromising Quality

    For those who have tonnes of images to upload to their store, it can get pretty annoying when you realize that your disk space is not enough while your bandwidth slows down due to heavy images loading on your site. One of the free solutions would be to use Jpegmini which is an online software to help crunch the size of your images without compromising the quality of the pictures.

    That way, you don’t have to worry about your images taking up a lot of disk space on your store. However, as with all things free, it does have a limit on the number of images that you can convert in a day. If you’ve got tonnes of pictures to crunch, consider getting the full version.


    Alternatively, you could use Pixlr.com to change the size of your images. This is one of the most popular free online image editor on the net and is also easy to use.  Make use of both free online solutions as it will help you manage your picture sizes so that your website doesn’t become too heavy.

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  • Tired Of Shopping Cart Abandonement By Shoppers?

    We’ve all gone through it. Before the final payment page we chose to abandon the shopping cart. What triggered it? Shipping rates too high? Additional tax? I usually enjoy shopping online for the best deals but the nightmare usually hits when I see the shipping charges. If the charges were reasonable, I wouldn’t mind paying and completing the checkout process. But when shipping costs more than the product itself or looks totally unreasonable, I confess I’m one of those who would gladly abandon the cart or abort the order. Any buyer would do the same.

    Make Shipping Charges Visible

    So what can you do as an online seller to cut down on all these aborted orders by customers? I’m not saying that all aborted orders were due to shipping prices but the bulk of them usually are. Some times there could be a glitch when it comes to paying or the customers’ credit card may have been bared by the bank.

    Well Amazon basically offers free shipping if you spend $25 and above. However, many sellers out there can’t afford to give free shipping unless they factor in the shipping fees into their product pricing. But that would make their products look more expensive than what other sellers are offering! So what can be done?

    Sellers could try and minimize customers from abandoning their shopping cart during the online checkout process. The first would be to charge what the normal postal service would charge. Make it visible so customers could see what shipping companies are charging. Put yourself in the shoes of the consumer. They are looking for the best competitive product and shipping price for the products that they want to buy.

    Shipping Calculator

    Use a shipping calculator so that customers could straight away find out how much shipping will cost before they start the checkout process. That’s to avoid the element of surprise so at least they know roughly how much they need to pay for shipping.

    Offering free shipping sounds good but you would need to do plenty of research on what your competitors are offering if you’re selling the same products on top of making sure that you’re not making a lost when you offer this option. Consumers aren’t stupid. They’ll be making comparison all the time to get the best bang for their buck.

    Make Checkout Faster

    Add in an express checkout option. Some customers are totally not interested to share their details knowing that they will be bombarded by email promotions from online sellers. To them, it just adds to the spam that’s piling up in their inbox. The less steps that a buyer has to go through, the happier they will be as they want to quickly pay and get it over with. Imagine if you have a long check out process and somewhere in between there’s a glitch.

    Offer Different Payment Options

    While PayPal may be a popular payment gateway, some consumers may prefer other payment options. Being able to accept major credit cards will help instead of having only one payment option.

    Showcase Your Discounted Best Sellers

    Best to do this at the main page. Some times I feel as if I’m buying a budget airline plane ticket when shopping on some sites as they tend to offer too many cross-sell items. Try to focus only on specific items and not the entire store! Also give people the option to contact you to request for further discounts for bulk purchase or international orders.

    These are just some of the most basic steps that one could take to avoid shopping cart abandonment by shoppers. Take the necessary steps and see how it works out for you. Don’t forget to get feedback from customers. Happy selling!

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  • Why Your Business Should List On Google Places?

    The answer is simple. To gain more exposure in search results on Google Search, Maps, Google+ and on mobile devices. This not only applies to those that have a brick and mortar store. It is also helpful for those who run an online business.

    Think about it. Consumers these days use Google to search for products, services and local businesses with their smartphones, tablets or laptops. By providing all the relevant business information when you sign up with Google Places, it helps Google offer a better and more accurate search result to consumers who are looking for specific categories of products and location.

    Easy Set Up

    Setting up an account is easy and straightforward. If you already have an AdWords or Gmail account, you may use those to sign in. Consider which Google account to use because you may want to share this account with others in your business next time.

    Google Places Sign In
    Google Places Sign In

    Once logged in, enter your business’ main phone number and country to see if Google Maps has any information about your business. Chances are your business may already be listed but the information is either inaccurate or not complete. You’ll then be able to edit any existing information and add new details, including photos and videos. Please add in relevant and interesting details about your business that visitors will find engaging and informative.

    Google Places Basic Information
    Google Places Basic Information

    Google will require verification to ensure that the information and account is legit. The verification process will come in the form of a phone call or sms to a phone number or they may even send you a postcard with the verification code on it. Once completed, your business will then be listed by Google.

    Google Places Guidelines

    There’s also a whole list of Google Places Guidelines provided by Google to curb people from abusing or manipulating this free service (please read through as you wouldn’t want Google to ban your account for violating their guidelines). Here’s some of the rundown on what you need to be aware of :

    Verification : To be done only by business owners or authorized representatives
    Email account : Preferable to use one under your business domain, sharable for easier updating.
    Business Name & Location : Represented exactly as if it were offline with precise, accurate physical business address

    Bearing in mind that Google if given a choice between two similar places listing will opt to display the one with the more complete information. So don’t only fill up the compulsory fields but also the optional ones. Remember to include your website URL, email address, phone number, opening hours, types of payment acceptance along with a proper description of your business.

    Category Listing

    You’ll have to enter in your business category (the ones Google recognizes). Google provides up to 5 categories so choose the closest and most accurate that describes your business.

    If you need some help, you can check out this site by Mike Blumenthal (http://blumenthals.com/index.php?Google_LBC_Categories) who basically has a database of what categories Google uses. Just select the country and language from the drop down list that’s applicable to you.

    Blumenthal Google Places For Business Category Tool

    To see all of Google categories, select a country and language but leave the search field blank.

    Integrate With Your Google+

    Once you’ve got everything set up, you’ll want to integrate with Google+ so that the social sharing side will help complement your Google Places listing. If you haven’t set up a Google Plus account yet, please do so with your existing Google email. Set up your cover page as using Google+ will allow you to post out news, reviews and interact with customers. Try it out and start getting listed.

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  • Automatically Social Media Your Blog Posts For Free

    Any online business should have a blog not just for SEO purposes but as an avenue to offer valuable advice and tips to customers who want to find out more about your products or services. It’s also a great place to highlight some of the latest happening trends that’s related to your business so that customers and online visitors could gleam some useful information. With social media being vital, you’d want to make sure your blog postings are distributed to important places like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, etc.

    So if you’re pushed for time, you could check out this really useful FREE service called dlvr.it. It allows up to 5 free blog sites and 3 free social accounts. Setting up an account is pretty easy and straight forward.

    Just signup for the service, add your blog sites and link your social accounts (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Google+, etc) and every time you put up a blog post, the service will automatically distribute it out. Easy huh? Of course if you want to add more than 3 social media accounts, you’d need to pay. Fair enough.Takes only a few minutes to set up.

    Once done, you don’t have to think about it anymore since it will run in the background every time you put a new post in your blog(s). This will help free up more time for you to work on other things. Hope this helps and have a great weekend!

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  • Design Tips From The Top Online Shopping Sites

    What do some of the top online shopping sites have in common that draw tonnes of shoppers to buy from them? Nice pictures. Lots of nice, clear and colorful images. Less text. The design of their sites were made in such a way to put all the focus on the products. Whatever that is on the main page of their sites were placed there to capture the attention of shoppers the moment they land on the site. I’m not saying that everyone’s web store should all start looking like these top shopping sites as it would very well depend on what your own online store is selling but there are clear pointers that we could all learn and pick from these top sites.



    Fab is able to make any products look good. Call it creative photography but I definitely see the effort here. The style of the site is catered to the tonnes of products that they sell which is always changing so it looks fresh all the time. You’ll notice that they make full use of different sliders here and there to showcase some of their most popular products that people are liking or buying  on their site.



    Selling stuff for kids, babies and mums will require a lot of happy images that are bright, colorful and on the move.

    Sole Society


    Although this site only sells shoes, the images are clear, crisp and inviting. You’ll also notice that they use a lot of big picture sliders to showcase their shoes which makes it really easy and comfortable to browse and look around.

    One King’s Lane


    Selling stuff for the home does not need to look boring. Consumers like to see plenty of suggestions on how the products will look good in their homes before they are convinced to even buy it.

    Rent The Runway


    Anything to do with fashion and clothing will always look good with real life models. Instead of a floating product, the effect is totally different when you have someone wearing it. The focus is on the clothes while the models are there to make the clothes look good.

    Beyond The Rack


    You’ll also notice that sites which offer accessories like watches or jewelry will usually have close ups and big pictures of their products against good background.



    Other than great images, beauty and accessory sites make it easy for shoppers to love their products and share them on popular social media like Pinterest easily. The site will clearly show how many likes they got for their products. Spreading the word around comes naturally and easily.

    These are some of the tips that will help your online store look and sell better depending on the type of products. If you have any interesting sites that you would like us to take a look at or want us to help customize for you, drop us an email with the site info and we’ll be more than happy to help. Till then, have a great weekend!

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  • Add Value To Your Customers’ Online Shopping Experience

    Selling at times is quite an art. You need a combination of getting the ‘desire effect’ right. Look at how Apple did it. Their products are more expensive but whenever there’s any product launch (or even a hint of it), everyone goes a bit nuts. Then comes the sales.

    But let’s get down to reality here. Not all businesses are like Apple. Normal folks who are just setting up a small online store to sell products need to offer something more to their customers.

    Other than the usual buy 2 and get 1 free or free shipping thrown in, one of the best ways would be to add some value to your customers. Depending on what type of product that you are selling, your online store should not only be about your products. It should have a mixture of tips, advice and relevant information to help your customers. Or it could even be a good place for people to visit to get relevant, useful and informative tips and advice. This will help your store’s SEO if you get a lot of natural traffic coming in.

    Keep It Simple And Straight To The Point

    And to make sure that all those wonderful advice and information does not get too mundane or boring, please remember to keep it concise, easy to understand and throw in a few good images and short videos. For example, if you’re selling gym equipment, you’d offer good tips on how to work out with the relevant gym products that you are selling. Also throw in helpful tips on how to loose weight or build muscle mass along with the right way to go about training your body. Add in a training calendar or point to relevant helpful apps that are available.

    Add In Sizing And Measurement Tables

    If you happen to be selling clothing, have a measurement table or schedule for easy access so that international customers could quickly find their size equivalent. Offer them tips on how to care for their clothing or which type and color of clothing is best suited for which body shape. Your customers will appreciate your advice. You could also throw in some natural tips on how to care for your skin and body texture. (Tip : Soak away your stress with Epsom salt and enjoy smooth skin)

    Offer Wise Advice, Creative Tips And Problem-Solving Solutions

    Selling toys for children? No problem. Offer some wise parental advice for parents. Not only about how to play with their kids but on helping to engage their children to help them grow intellectually along with behavior management. Sounds quite a mouthful huh? Start a small forum where parents could come together to help discuss about some of the challenges that they face as parents and where they could get good and helpful advice.

    Electronic gadgets? Offer tips on prolonging the battery life or in taking care of the product.

    Selling shoes? How to avoid nasty corns and callouses. Tips to pamper your feet without costing you a bomb. The size of your feet should fit comfortably with which size to avoid buying the wrong size?

    Food stuff? Offer recipes and creative ways to cook. Come up with a creative dish. What would go well with your product?

    Bags, wallets, accessories. How to best care for your products. What kind of cleaning agent to use or not to use.

    The list and possibilities are endless. Be creative. Put yourself in your customers’ shoes and think about what will actually add value to them when they come to have a look at your products.

    Don’t forget to put these up on your store’s Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, etc. They make good content for your newsletters and flyers that you email out to your customers.

    Happy selling and sharing! And to all our customers out there who are looking forward to the Lunar New Year, enjoy this season celebrating with your family and friends.

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  • Is Your Business Targeting Emerging Markets Or Over-Saturated Ones?

    Spotted Eagle Ray formation, Keauhou Bay, Big Island, Hawaii.Happy New Year everyone! Hope you’re all doing great. We’re still hearing constant news of economic slowdown and the never-ending budget woes coupled with stock markets bouncing around. But one thing has certainly remained constant. Consumers are spending more and more on online shopping year on year. Last year had some pretty impressive figures to show when it came to all the Black Friday, Thanksgiving, Cyber Monday and holiday shopping season.

    Figures from ComScore.com showed that Black Friday 2012 sales topped $1.042 billion in online sales (who says people were cutting back on spending??) an increase of 26% compared to Black Friday 2011 ($816 million). Cyber Monday 2012 shopping figures went over the roof as well with an increase of 17% ($1.46 billion in online sales overtaking Black Friday!). Quite impressive considering the amount of moolah that was transacted in a day.

    2012 Holiday Spending Growth by ComScore

    Now that being said, most of the money went to big time retailers like Amazon, Walmart, BestBuy, Target and Apple. In reality, what happened to the small and medium sized businesses? Many are struggling to compete with these big guns as they can’t afford to offer crazy prices like these retailers who keep slashing prices to the bone. So what can they do?

    Target emerging markets or niche markets. If you find that your target market is over-saturated with competitors that offer products and services at ridiculous pricing which you can’t compete with, choose to move on and target a different market and customer group.

    Offer a different kind of service. Revamp your business. Consider selling your products to other countries. Did you know that many countries outside the United States have tonnes of consumers that would love to purchase items offered within the States? The only setback is not because they can’t buy the product but because there’s no international shipping offered to them. And even if there were international shipping offered, the rates were too ridiculous to be true (for example, the shipping cost more than the product!).

    Or consumers in these countries were unaware that such amazing products and services actually exist. Make your business more visible in these countries and offer affordable international shipping. The sky’s the limit actually. Emerging markets like South America, certain countries in Africa, India and China have tremendous opportunities for online stores to offer their consumers products which they could never get in their own country. The middle income group has a lot of purchasing power. Think about it. Try a different pond. Change your target group of customers. There are bigger fishes (and different ones) out there to catch. Have a go at it.






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  • Access Your Google Analytics While On The Go

    Last week I mentioned about making full use of Google for your business. While it’s easy to access your Google Analytics account from our InstanteStore’s Admin panel (just link your account by clicking on the Website Statistics button), it would also require you to use either your tablet, laptop or desktop computer to do so. The Google Analytics page has not been optimized for mobile so viewing the live site format on a 4 inch screen can be a bit taxing.

    Well, not any more! I recently came across this newly launched app called the Analytics Tile App which will allow you to access your Google Analytics account with your iPhone. Watch the short video below to see how easy it is to use the app allowing you access to your business site’s statistics at your finger tips any time, anywhere.

    Pretty neat huh? The app will show you the stats of any of your sites that’s registered under your Google Analytics account. What do I like about it? It’s easy to use, NEAT and simple. And for business owners who are constantly traveling all over the place, knowing what’s happening with your online sites just got a whole lot easier with a few taps on your smartphone screens. It’s currently available from the App Store @ $2.99. Worth checking out if you’re closely monitoring your stats all the time. I wonder when it will be available on Android?

    Have a great weekend!

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  • HOT Holiday Numbers To Consider

    Hope everyone had a good time selling AND shopping during the Cyber Monday week. While enjoying the holidays, you may want to reflect and plan on next year’s strategy for your online store OR online shopping as a matter of fact.

    Consumers spent a whooping $1.25 billion in non-travel purchases online on Cyber Monday this year. Not bad for a one day shopping spree eh? Shows that people still have plenty of shopping to do and this is just the beginning of the holiday season.

    Bearing in mind that next year 2012, there will be MORE mobile penetration as smart phone and tablet manufacturers are going to continue flooding the market with cheap smart phones and tablets. And these users would like to shop online, look for coupons, compare prices, etc with their tablets and phones while on the go.

    Here’s a glimpse on how much shopping has evolved with more smart phone and tablet users making the most of their gadgets during this holiday season. Citing this from AdAge.com :

    Those retailers or businesses who haven’t gotten their sites mobile-optimized had better start scrambling to get it done or risk being completely left out VERY SOON looking at the consumer shopping trend. And to all you InstanteStore merchants out there, it’s super easy to just turn on your Mobile Commerce module. Just click the Mobile Commerce Icon at your store admin panel to activate it right away!

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  • Have You Tried Google’s New Keyword Research Tool With Insights For Search?

    For those of you who are new to the realm of ecommerce shopping cart solutions, keywords are a very big deal unless you do not want your site to be easily found. For instance, an online shopping cart Canada web store selling running shoes would do well to select heavily searched long tail keywords that best represent its target market.

    We’ve written at length in previous articles (How to Pick Good Keywords, Long Tail Keywords) about how to select keywords and what kinds of keywords are best. In this post, we’ll explore Google’s Beta version of their new Keyword Tool.


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  • Online Business Opportunity Internet Online Marketing Tips For 2010

    What a difference a year makes. It seems like only yesterday everyone was putting email marketing at the bottom of their “to do” lists but now it’s back in vogue. Some online business opportunity Internet online marketing tips from yesteryear have made a comeback, while some others are now less relevant.

    If you’re looking to start an online business Internet marketing should not be an afterthought. You need to write marketing strategy that will integrate everything the best elements available on the web in order to rank high search engine-wise and successfully convert visitors.