Make A Difference With Your Products

If sales have been a bit flat for you, perhaps you need to re-think your marketing strategy or do something innovative with your products to make some waves. My previous blog about SELLING CREATIVELY showcased 2 different companies putting into action different marketing strategies to boost their sales. What was similar was the fact that both companies utilized social media to spread the word to consumers – and it worked!


Win A $247 Design Gift Certificate Easily

Christmas, a time for shopping, sharing and giving, is just around the corner. Speaking of sharing, we’ve been giving away design gift certificates worth $247 every month since October to lucky winners of our “Like” InstanteStore contest. It’s SUPER EASY. All you need to do to be in the running is to swing over to our Facebook page (just click on the image below to go to our Facebook page) and click on the “Like” button there. That’s it! Winners will be notified by email and via Facebook as well.


Check Out These Cyber Monday Online Shopping Bargains!

Hope you all had a GREAT Thanksgiving celebrating with family and friends. I was down and out with the flu bug for the whole Thanksgiving weekend (Urgh!). Other than the highlight of shopping madness on Black Friday where shoppers rush OR stampede to get the best deals and door busters from the major retailers, the holiday shopping saga continues with Cyber Monday.


InstanteStore Receives Best Ecommerce Software Provider Award

InstanteStore Wins Best Webtool Award
InstanteStore Wins Best Webtool Award

InstanteStore recently received the Best Web Tool award from for being one of  the “best providers of E-commerce Software and Shopping Carts” .

This award justifies our efforts in constantly upgrading our solution to give our merchants the best bang for their buck in an easy-to-use ecommerce solution. From our new attractive drag ‘n drop free ecommerce templates, user friendly icon based admin panel to free live chat software – we have it all as standard features.

We’ve been putting in a lot of hard work adding these cool new features, so it’s nice to be recognized as one of the best ecommerce shopping cart providers around.

For those of you who are not familiar with, well to put it briefly, this is the place you’d want to go if you are looking for reliable web hosting. They have lots of unbiased reviews of all the top names of web hosting to help you make an educated decision on your hosting choice.

What I really like about is that you can drop them an email if you’d like them to elaborate on a certain topic that might be of interest to you. They’ve got people in the know for almost everything related to the Net. Drop by for a peek.

Online Shopping Cart Tutorial – Hot Product Search Methods

Merchants need a lot more than just a feature-filled website shopping cart and the best free shopping cart software available to succeed. They need an edge when it comes to products. An edge could mean better pricing, a more accommodating return policy, better customer support, more efficient after-sales service and, of course, the latest item in demand for a particular niche.

But how does one go about finding out about new products, fads and such? Are there any free tools available to help merchants keep abreast with current news regarding products and related industries? We shall attempt to address those questions in this online shopping cart tutorial installment.


Secure Ecommerce Shopping Cart Abandonment Rates Rising

There’s a reason why continues to invest so much effort in tracking customer behavior on its site. You can bet your bottom dollar that every little tweak that makes to its site is because it thinks each change will impact sales in a positive manner and curb secure ecommerce shopping cart abandonment rates. If there’s one thing we can learn from, it’s that it’s important to continuously  adapt to changing customer trends.

A recent survey by Forrester has shown that up to 88% of consumers have abandoned secure ecommerce shopping carts during the checkout process. The reasons are far removed from those we addressed a while back in a previous post. This time around, it’s not a lengthy checkout process or lack of certain features that’s turning customers away: It’s (hidden) cost.


Secure Ecommerce Shopping Cart Insight – World Cup Keywords

We blogged earlier about the World Cup being just a few months away. We also disclosed that quite a number of stores have already started with their World Cup inspired shopping cart design templates and have begun selling World Cup merchandise in preparation for the big event. Many are promoting pre-orders for certain items with heavy discounts to entice buyers.

In this post, we will offer another secure ecommerce shopping cart insight into the kinds of keywords these merchants use and what the hottest World Cup related searches are right now.


Ecommerce Shopping Carts – Ideas For FIFA 2010 World Cup

Football fans started buying their favorite national team jerseys as soon as the teams they support qualified for the World Cup Finals in South Africa. Teams from 32 countries will take part in the World Cup. The “traditional” World Cup heavyweights such as Brazil, Germany, Argentina, France, England, Spain and Italy have loads of fans the world over from nations who did not qualify as well. To try to take advantage of this huge event, we present a few quick shopping cart ideas for owners of ecommerce shopping carts stores in this post.

Attendance in South Africa will be in the millions but billions more will be following it from home. As a show of solidarity for their beloved teams, fans around the world will be seen donning the jerseys of their favorite teams jerseys come June.

Even before the end of the Winter Olympics, ecommerce shopping carts sports, gifts and souvenir related stores dedicated a few pages each to the FIFA World Cup that’s coming up in a few months. There’s even a merchant selling home products who’s already promoting World Cup related beddings and toiletries. This just goes to show that if you know what your market wants and you market your product well, the likelihood of success is high.