Calculate Shippping Cost & Tax Automatically

Configure your store to calculate shipping cost automatically using LIVE UPS and USPS shipping rates. Your shipping panel makes this super easy to do. Want to charge different shipping for different regions, etc? That's easily handled as well. You can even configure "back up" shipping methods just in case UPS or USPS is not returning shipping rates for some reason. There are times when UPS or USPS rates services are "down". With InstanteStore, your sales continue to flow in! Calculate shipping cost automatically with ease... Our e commerce shopping carts solution comes with loads of useful features. Our shopping cart integration gives you yet another choice of payment processors.

Charging the correct amount of tax is also a cinch! Whether you need to charge "add-on" tax like US state tax or "inclusive tax" like the UK VAT or Australian GST tax method, InstanteStore handles it all. Just choose the tax type, enter the appropriate tax rate and we handle everything else for you. Your store even generates a sales tax report for you every month or year to make filing your state taxes easy! Talk about comprehensive...

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Shipping & Tax Calculation Features Header

InstanteStore's shipping and tax features let you customize how you want to charge your customers for shipping charges as well as taxes. Our shipping and tax framework is flexible enough so that you can set your rates to best fit your actual shipping costs.

Unlimited Shipping Methods

Integrated Real-Time UPS Shiprate Calculation

Integrated Real-Time U.S.P.S. Shiprate Calculation

Supports International Shipping

  • Customize your shipping rates to fit your shipping costs. You can organize and group your shipping rates by zones, putting countries and states with similar shipping costs in the same zones. Set up domestic and international shipping rates as you see fit.

Charge Shipping by Price, Quantity, Or Weight

  • Choose from a variety of different shipping rate calculation methods. You can charge customers shipping by the value of their orders, by the number of items ordered, by the weight of the order, etc. Our flexible shipping rate calculation setup lets you charge shipping to match your actual shipping costs.

Set Maximum/Minimum Shipping Charges

Offer Free Shipping

  • Easily offer free shipping for orders above certain amounts, to encourage customers to buy more.

Multiple Shipping Groups

  • InstanteStore gives you the option of offering different shiprates for different groups of products. Let's say you ship product X from Los Angeles, and product Y from New York. With multiple shipping groups, you can set up your shipping methods to accurately reflect the difference in shipping costs from each location.

Configure Different Shiprates for Different Customer Wholesale Price Levels

  • This gives you the option of offering discounted shipping rates to wholesalers that you might not want to offer to retail customers.

Tax Calculation (Country/State/County)

  • Set up tax rates by country, state, and county. Taxes will be automatically calculated during the checkout process, based on your customers' billing or shipping addresses.

Offer Tax Exemptions for Specific Customers

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