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When you create your online store using InstanteStore, you'll have one of the most powerful shopping carts powering your store. With shopping cart features like our One Page EasyCheckout™, you'll increase the number of completed orders with the same number of visitors. This innovative system keeps your prospects on ONE PAGE while checking out. This has been proven to effectively reduce the number of people abandoning their shopping cart before completing their purchase. Definitely one of our TOP cart features. Do not be surprised by the variety of store in our shopping cart showcase. Our coldfusion shopping cart solution is constantly updated.

Ever tried buying something from an online store that forced you to "register an account" BEFORE allowing you to buy something? That is a sure way to tick off your potential customers and reduce your sales. With InstanteStore, YOU decide whether customer MUST register an account (unobstrusively) or let them checkout WITHOUT registering. This is another one of the cart features that'll help you to increase your sales conversion (ie. PROFITS!).

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Our shopping cart and checkout pages are designed specifically to help your customers complete their orders as smoothly and quickly as possible. We also provide a range of features that will provide your customers with all the information they need.

One-Page Easy Checkout

  • With InstanteStore's Easy Checkout, you can offer your customers a true one-page checkout. Customers can enter and complete the entire checkout process on a single page, without having to go through several pages, or having the page refresh repeatedly. Everything happens on one page, without page refreshes. This convenience can go a long way towards converting visitors to paying customers.

Seamless Checkout Process

  • Our seamless checkout process guides customers through as they enter their order information, select shipping methods, and pay for their purchases. A handy checkout progress bar indicates which stage of the process customers are at, as well as what's next, to keep customers informed and directed.

Checkout Without Registration

  • There are online shoppers who are wary of registering for accounts before making purchases. You can make sure that you don't lose out on this group of buyers by offering them the option of checking out their orders without needing to register for an account at your store.

Multiple Shipping and Payment Options

Built-in Shipping and Tax Calculation

Shipping Calculator for Quick Shipping Cost Estimates

Configure Minimum Order Quantity or Value Thresholds for Checkout

Give Automatic Discounts When Customers Purchase Minimum Order Quantities/Values

Choose From a Variety of Shopping Cart and Checkout Layouts

On-Screen Shopping List

Mini Shopping Cart for Easy Access and Viewing

  • Easily enable a mini shopping cart at your store borders so that customers can track their shopping cart contents at any of your store pages, and click to checkout from any page once they're ready to buy.

Address Book for Quick Repeat Checkouts

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