Ecommerce Security

You need a secure store or else people will not buy from you. It's that simple. That's why we include usage of our super-secure 256-bit SSL certificate with each InstanteStore account. Of course, if you want to buy your own SSL certificate, you can do so too. This is a small portion of our ecommerce security system to keep you safe.

Then we throw in our advanced anti-fraud security procedures and other ecommerce security tools that we prefer to keep secret for maximum effectiveness. All these keep your store safe so you can concentrate on growing your business.

Improve sales with the help of our internet marketing tools. Our shopping cart software is constantly being improved.

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Security Feature Header

Security is an essential concern for online stores, and we have a great framework in place that ensures that security is always a top priority.

Full HTTPS/SSL Support Included

  • Our secure payment pages are fully encrypted with 256-bit Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protection to protect your sensitive data as well as that of your customers.

Password-Protected and Secure HTTPS Administrator Access

  • All your Administrator Login pages are fully password-protected as well as encrypted with SSL encryption.

Strict Login Security for Administrators and Customers

  • Enhanced login security features include captchas and security questions for multiple login failures to ensure your account access is limited only to you and your trusted administrators.

Enhanced Payment Fraud Prevention

  • Enable this feature for your store payment to limit the number of failed attempts that customers can during payment. This serves as a deterrent for anyone who might want to try to pay for purchases at your store using fraudulent details.

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