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Without proper marketing, the chances of your online store turning a profit is pretty slim indeed. That's why we've included all these powerful internet marketing tools free with each InstanteStore account. We've seen similar marketing tools that EACH sold for anywhere from $97 to even $997(!). You get these internet marketing tools for free, though.

Why? Because we know you won't stay in business long without proper internet marketing. We only get paid as long as you remain an InstanteStore customer. So, bad business for you is literally bad business for us! We have shopping cart UK merchants and also merchants from all over the world. A shopping cart site should be easy on the eyes and functional as well.

That's why our team is constantly hard at work creating even MORE powerful internet marketing tools to help get your website found, get you more targeted visitors and increase your profit. It's in OUR best interest, really :-)

We've only listed SOME of the powerful internet marketing tools included FREE in your InstanteStore account. Why? Listing them ALL would make this page MUCH longer. Besides, we want to keep a few surprises for you when you sign up for your free trial account.

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Having great products is one thing. Making sure you have an audience to view and purchase these products is another. The most important thing you need to do as an online retailer is to attract traffic to your store, and get these people buying. InstanteStore provides you with a wide range of tools that you can use to get this done effectively and efficiently.

Affiliate System

  • Get popular and related websites to help direct traffic and visitors to your store by offering them commission as Affiliates. Affiliates can make money from promoting and marketing your store on your behalf -- a win-win for both you and your affiliates. In addition to regular affiliates, InstanteStore also supports 2-tier affiliates, and the ability to offer product- and affiliate-specific commission rates.
  • With our Superaffiliate store option, you can create special stores for your superaffiliates who do not have sites of their own. Your superaffiliates can actively promote and customize the look-and-feel of their stores (and earn commission for all referred sales), while you retain all the store orders and customers. Note: This feature is a value-added feature that involves an additional monthly charge of US$20 to use the feature, and US$19.97 per store.

Easy Newsletter Subscription/Broadcast

  • Your customers have the option of subscribing to your newsletter when they register or order at your store. Regular newsletters are a valuable tool for you to keep in touch with your customers so that when it comes time to make their next purchase, your store's fresh in their minds. You can use newsletters to inform them of updates and special offers at your store.

Customizable Auto-generated E-mails

  • Our E-mail Autoresponder feature is a great complement to our Newsletter module. All you need to do is set up a campaign, and the autoresponder will automatically send out your e-mails at specified intervals, without the need for you to do anything further. You can also make use of our auto-subscription feature to target customers who are interested in specific products.

Gift Certificates and Discounts

  • Discount Coupons are great for promotions, advertising, or as gifts. There are 3 discount coupon types: regular, product-specific discounts, as well as free shipping discounts.
  • Gift Certificates can be just like cash, and can be issued to customers to promote your store, or even sold directly.

Cross-sell Products

  • This feature makes it easy for you to recommend other related products to your customers by displaying them at product pages as well as on the shopping cart page.
  • Automatically Cross-sell Discounted Products when Orders are Made: Customers who have just bought something at your store are the ones who are most likely to purchase more items. This means that the order confirmation / thank you page is the best place to cross-sell your products. Our Cross Sell on Final Payment Page feature lets you offer related products at discounted prices to customers who've just made purchases at your store. Making great exclusive offers to these customers who're likely to be more responsive to them is a great tool for increasing sales.

Redemption Points System

  • Encourage customer loyalty and repeat purchases by offering points for buying products. Customers can use the points they've earned to redeem items later.

Social Bookmarking

  • Social networking sites like Facebook, myspace, and twitter are extremely popular, with more and more people joining by the day. Our Social Bookmarking tool lets visitors to your store easily add bookmarks to your store products to their social site accounts, where they can be viewed by their online friends. This opens up a potentially huge new audience for your products.

Product, Category, and Store RSS Feeds

  • RSS Feeds make it so much easier for your customers to know immediately when you've added new products at your store, without having to check back frequently on their own. We provide RSS Feeds for your most popular and currently On Sale products as well, so you can keep your customers in the loop all the time.

On Sale Module

  • Promote your store by putting products on sale. You can choose specific products, entire categories, or even put your entire store on sale.

Easily Feature Products

  • Make sure your customers take notice of great products: you can easily feature products on all pages, or your front page. You can also have your top-selling products automatically displayed prominently on all pages.

Easy Advertising/Conversion Tracking

  • When you're spending good money to advertise your store and products, you want to make sure that you're getting good returns. Our advertising and conversion tracking module makes it easy for you to track how well your advertisements are drawing and converting traffic. There's also convenient integration for Google AdWords Conversion Tracking. If you need to add order or visitor tracking code snippets to your order confirmation page, we provide an easy interface for that as well.

Currency Convertor

  • Help your overseas customers get quick estimates of your prices in their own currencies by enabling the Currency Convertor feature.

Easy Surveys/Polls

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