Online Product Management

With our intuitive online product management tools, you can literally add new products to your store in as little as 2 minutes. There is no software to download or install. Just fire up your web browser and your powerful online product management system is ready to use.

Want to add product options to let customers customize their product? That's easily done! Or perhaps you want to sell instant download digital products on your store? You can do that in 3 mouse clicks...

Since our shopping cart product manager has literally too many features to list down here, we've decided to only show you the most popular ones below.

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Products are the backbone of any store. InstanteStore has all the features you need to manage your product catalog.

Unlimited Products

Unlimited Main/Sub-Categories for Products

  • You can have up to 4 levels of categories, but those 4 levels can contain an unlimited number of categories. You can also easily link, shift, and duplicate products from one category to another.

Real-time Inventory Management

  • You can choose to have your inventory managed automatically so that stock is automatically adjusted when customers purchase products at your store. The inventory of each and every one of your products can be managed independently. You can also update your stock in batches by using our mass update stock feature (using CSV files).

Unlimited Customization Options

  • Add options to your products so that customers can customize their orders (e.g. Size, Color, Material). You can also choose to add additional charges to individual options, so that some options will be priced differently from others (e.g. a Large T-shirt could cost $2 more than a Medium T-shirt).

Accept Customer Personalizations

  • You can let customers personalize your products by entering their own text before adding them to their shopping carts as well.

Wholesale Products

  • Our wholesale module gives you the option of having multiple pricing levels so that you can offer preferential prices to approved wholesalers, or offering bulk quantity discounts.

Sell Downloadable Products, Including Easy Support for PINs

  • Selling downloadable files (e.g. MP3s, PDFs, movies, software, etc.) is hassle-free with InstanteStore. You can add products with associated downloadable content, and your customers can automatically download their files after payment or approval. InstanteStore also provides convenient support for selling PINs and top-up or license codes.

Link Products to Suppliers/Drop-Shippers

  • Products can be linked to their respective suppliers/drop-shippers, so that your drop-shippers will be notified as soon as new orders come in that involve their products. Drop-shippers are assigned their own special supplier log-in section to your store to view and update orders that they're responsible for.

Back-in-Stock Product Notification

  • Don't lose customers because you've temporarily run of out of stock for hot-selling products. With our Stock Notification feature, customers can quickly sign up to be notified when your stock gets replenished. Notifications are automatically sent out once you add new stock, so there's no work for you, and your customers can come back and buy the products once they're back in stock.

Multiple Image and Image Sizes for each Product

  • Each of your products can have 3 different image types: Large (up to 4 Product page images), Small (Thumbnail), and Blow-up (large detailed images) Images.

Easily Feature Videos on Product Pages

  • InstanteStore makes it easy to use videos to make your products more attractive to customers. You can easily and seamlessly add videos that you have hosted on video-hosting sites like YouTube to your product pages.

Feature Products as "New Products"

  • You can choose to have newly-added products be marked as "New Products". A separate new products page features new products prominently as well.

Product Reviews

One-Click Printer-Friendly Product Pages

Easily Deactivate/Reactivate Products

Manage Products

  • You can manage products individually via our various product interfaces, or you can manage your products by batch using CSV file updates.

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