Online Store Administration

It doesn't matter how "powerful" a solution is if you don't know how to use it. That's why we've made online store administration ridiculously easy with InstanteStore. It's because we believe power without usability is nothing.

Check out our deceptively simple, yet powerful order and customer management module. All your order details are at your finger tips. From the very basic to the most exact & specific data can be called up quickly. Our e commerce shopping carts solution comes with loads of useful features. Get some inspiration from our list of shopping cart sample stores.

Organizing a last-minute product launch event in San Antonio, Texas in two days time? You can easily get details of all customers from San Antonio that purchased that XYZ widget within the last 60 days.

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As an online retailer, you want to concentrate on marketing your store, converting visitors to customers who will complete orders, and fulfilling these orders. Our Store Administration features help you complete and fulfill your orders, and get your necessary administrative tasks done with a minimum of fuss so you can focus on growing your business.

User-Friendly Browser-Based Point-And-Click Interface

  • You can use InstanteStore without having to download any software, all you need is a browser. All store administration is through our easy-to-use, point-and-click browser-based user interface.

Knowledge Base and Tutorial Videos to Assist with Admin Functions

  • Not sure about how to use a particular feature? Get help via our Support Ticket System Knowledge Base and in-store Tutorial Videos.

All-in-One Order Viewing Mode

  • Organize, Search, and View all your orders from our integrated Order Listing.

Automated Order Confirmation E-mails (Customer and Admin)

  • Once an order is made, an e-mail notification will be sent out to you and your customer. This way, your customer receives confirmation of their order, and you know that an order has been made, so that you can go about fulfilling it right away.

New Order RSS Feed

  • An alternative/complement to e-mail notification, set up the new order RSS feed at your store, and have your favourite RSS reader automatically fetch new order notifications as soon as they come in. Automatic notification, without the fuss of filtering e-mail spam.

Order Update Functions

  • InstanteStore provides you with the ability to easily update your orders all the way through the order process, from payment to shipping to fulfillment. You can also modify orders to reflect customer requests or shipping requirements.

Automated Packing Slip Printing

  • Instantly generate ready-to-print packing slips for your orders based on your own customized packing slip template. You can generate packing slips for individual orders, or for batches of multiple orders.

Configure Multiple Store Administrators with Different Access Levels

  • Assign individual store administrator accounts to your staff to help manage your store. You can set up different privileges for each administrator account to reflect their roles and responsibilities.

Supplier/Drop-Shipper Module, with Restricted Access

  • If you have suppliers or drop-shippers for your products, they will have access to their very own administrator section, which is completely independent of your main administration account. They will be able to view the relevant order information for products that they are responsible for there.

Route Administrator E-mails to Different Individuals

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