Online Store Design & Customization

Now, creating a professional-looking and sales-closing online store is made super easy with our online store design tools. With 250 100% customizable ecommerce templates included for FREE, building an attractive & profit-pulling store is as easy as selecting the "look" you like.

Not content with 250 different templates to choose from, you can select from the many different ways to layout your pages too. This is definitely something that's easier to see for yourself than to read about. Our shopping cart integration gives you yet another choice of payment processors. Our ecommerce platform is stable and proven to deliver.

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Design & Customization Features Header

Our ecommerce templates are 100% customizable so that you get the right look for your store to fit your market. Pretty much every element (images +, text + style) is fully-customizable so that you can make your store entirely unique and attractive from a design standpoint.

250 Ready-to-Use Ecommerce Templates

  • Get started right away with our ready-to-use ecommerce store templates

Easily Customize Template Designs Yourself

  • A simple point-and-click interface is included to let you easily customize almost every single element of your store template. You can add extra HTML and Javascript to your store template as well.

Built-in WYSIWYG HTML Editor

  • Format your text, add images and links without the need to learn or pick up HTML with our built-in What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get HTML Editor.

Multiple Attractive Page Layouts

  • Choose the look and layout that you feel best suits you and your customers. Pick from a selection of layouts for your front page, product page (including cross-sell and product review layouts), category pages, shopping cart page, and checkout pages

Easily Change The Text In Your Store

  • Not happy with the standard text included in your store? Or perhaps you want to include more specific terms related to your market to describe certain things. Whatever the case, you can VERY easily change ALL the text in your store using your online control panel

Translate Your Store To Another Language

  • Want to translate your store to a different language? Or perhaps you want multiple stores, each targeting a different language? That's made super-easy with InstanteStore. Since all store text and images are fully-customizable, you can translate your store into ANY language you want

Easily Add On Additional Information Pages

  • Not only can you add product pages and such, you can easily add extra information pages using the same HTML editor. Perfect for writing keyword-targeted content or including more information for your potential clients.

Upload Additional Files and Images

  • You can also upload your own files and images that you can use as content on your store. For example: Upload files like PDF catalogs to offer more information to your visitors.

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