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You know that search engine optimization (SEO) is crucial to your store's success. That's why we've included these powerful SEO tools free with every InstanteStore account. If you've done some searching online, you'll know that search engine tools range in price anywhere from cheap (and sometimes flaky!) $39 scripts to robust software costing above $1000. Our hard-working programmers have teamed up with our in-house SEO experts to design & develop these effective SEO tools to help your webpages rank higher on the major search engines.

Don't have the slightest clue about how to optimize your website for search engines? Our SEO Wizard™ will instantly analyze your website and tell you EXACTLY what you need to do to improve your search engine ranking! It really is THAT simple.

So, before you go and spend money buying search engine tools, check out the included SEO tools free with your InstanteStore account. Our online store examples feature all sorts of stores. Do not be surprised by the variety of store in our shopping cart showcase.

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Search Engine / SEO Tools

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An important aspect of attracting traffic and visitors is Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Making sure your store can be found through the search engines like Google, Yahoo & Bing is key. You want your webpages to appear in the top 10 when someone searches for a keyword or phrase related to what you're selling. Heck... EVERYONE wants that!

These free SEO tools help you find the RIGHT keywords to target and totally dominate the search engine top 10 results.

Integrated SEO Wizard™

  • Heard about Search Engine Optimization (SEO) but don't know what it's all about? Or maybe you have an idea about what SEO is, but have no idea how to get started? Our SEO Wizard is built into your store administrator pages in order to help guide you as you create new categories, products, and information pages. The SEO Wizard™ gives you easy to understand recommendations and advice that you can use to improve the search engine rankings of your pages. Better rankings means more traffic, and more customers.
  • Quick Internal Linking and Automatic Cross Linking are simple yet VERY POWERFUL tools that give your store an immediate SEO boost via optimized internal linking... all with next to no effort.
  • Seen those long & ugly URLs like Your store's page URLs will NOT be these long and ugly. Instead, you can choose exactly what URL you want to use for each product and category page. Simple, clean and it gives you a small SEO boost too!

Automatic XML Sitemap For Google, Yahoo & Bing

  • Your store will automatically generate an XML sitemap that Google, Yahoo, Bing and other major search engines can read. This helps search engine spiders find your webpages. Webpages that are not found cannot be ranked. With your automatically-updated XML sitemap, the major search engines will IMMEDIATELY know when you've added new pages to your site when their spiders crawl your site.

Automatic 301 Redirect to Main URL

  • Will you have multiple domains pointing to your store? Worried about people using versus just Let our automatic 301 redirect take care of all these issues for you by sending everyone to your main store URL.

Easily Syndicate RSS Feeds

  • Content is extremely important: so that you can inform and persuade your customers to buy your products, as well as for SEO purposes. You can make use of this feature to syndicate RSS content from relevant websites and/or blogs to complement your store's existing content.

Built-in Link Directory

Built-in Article Directory

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