How To Set Up Online Store In Minutes

Running an online store is just like driving a car. Once you're familiar with the process, it more or less becomes second nature. The hardest thing is still taking the first step. Fortunately, the process to set up online store is much easier than learning to drive, thanks to our powerful yet simple to use online store solution.

Build online store from the comfort of your couch but first, signup for our 30-Day Free Trial.

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Here's the skinny on how to set up online store in the fastest way possible with our online store solution. There's no reason to be nervous. Everything in this online store solution has been designed to make it easy for practically anyone to build their own online store. So put all you doubts aside and follow the simple steps put forward. The procedure is fairly simple and the signup page should look something like this.

InstanteStore 30-Day Free Trial Signup

Now, you'll need to wait a couple of minutes while your store is being prepared. You will be greeted by this checklist the first time you visit your admin panel.

InstanteStore Online Store Set Up Checklist

You'll notice that our online store builder software saves you time by pre-selecting a template for you. You can always select another one if you so wish to. We've got loads of attractive templates to choose from.

Again, in the interest of saving time, our ecommerce solution has selected PayPal Standard for your payment processor. PayPal is known the world over and is popular among many of our merchants and their customers so that's the reason why we pre-selected it. All you need to do now is configure the payment method so that you can receive payment accordingly.


Of course, you can always select another payment gateway of your choice if you so desire. We are integrated with over 50 payment processors so we're quite confident you'll be able to find what you're looking for.

Believe it or not, your set up online store is almost half way done and you haven't even done anything yet. But you can start by creating product categories. Once that's done, it's time to upload products to your store. If you've got quite a number to upload, here's an easier and faster way to do it. Download the Product Details file in CSV format from the store, fill up the necessary fields and upload it back to your store.

For product images, just zip them up and upload it to your store too. It's just that easy. As long as you follow the instructions carefully, you can't go wrong.

There's just one more thing to do before your store is ready to go live - adding shipping methods. You can either use readily available real-time UPS and USPS rates or configure your own shipping rates. Our system is quite flexible.

Once everything is done, you can now publish your store. That didn't take too long now, did it?

Here's a short video of a typical online store setup.

Now, if you're all pumped up and ready to go, you can signup as a paid merchant right here.

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