Simple Shopping Cart Software Heads-Up On Inventory

Unless you are planning to sell digital or downloadable goods using our simple shopping cart software, chances are, you might be cracking your head over the inventory conundrum. You are not alone. Many new merchants, just like you, have gone through the same thing.

The decision to hold or not to hold inventory depends on what kind of business environment you are most comfortable with. Most new merchants generally do not hold inventory because of certain factors.

Pro's Of Holding Inventory
Merchants who hold inventory have the advantage of fulfilling orders as soon as they come in.  Updating stock levels is also a cinch. Your customers can look forward to receiving their orders in just a matter of days after placing them.

In terms of margins, you could probably get better deals on your products if you get them at wholesale prices.

Because you have the stock right there with you, you have the opportunity to provide better as well as more product photographs and information on you product pages. As you know, useful product information is a great contributor towards aiding conversion. If you look at Amazon, aside from buyers' reviews, they also have their very own in-house reviews. These reviews are written with a more personal or human feel to make is easier for customers to relate to them. When shoppers trust your reviews, they buy from you.

Con's Of Holding Inventory
Space is a major concern when holding inventory. You might have to give up your den or a spare bedroom just to accommodate stock. Also, you might have to sell the tail-end of the stock at cost or close to it or you will run the risk of being stuck with dead inventory.

How To Prevent Dead Inventory
Dead inventory is a 'four-letter' word in commerce. Dead inventory are items that are not only older, they also lack demand, which makes them very hard to sell.

To prevent this issue, always price your products to sell fast. That way, you can sell them while they are still 'hot' without ever having to put them on sale.

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