Store Statistics

Now you can know immediately how your store is doing. Whether you want to know how many sales you've made over a period, how many visitors came to your site and other more advanced store statistics, they're all included in your standard InstanteStore account. There are literally charts and graphs for almost every statistic you can think of. So, if you're one of those who want stats and more stats, then you'd like that.

However, if you prefer to only know the "big picture", our Quick Store Statistics section that appears on top of your control panel tells you the IMPORTANT stats like number of sales, customers and newsletter subscribers immediately. So, you always have the crucial stats of your store staring right at you whenever you open your store control panel. Our coldfusion shopping cart solution is constantly updated. We have shopping cart UK merchants and also merchants from all over the world.

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Store Statistics Feature Header

InstanteStore's Store Statistics package lets you easily keep track of your store sales and sales trends, traffic reports, and customer order conversions.

Comprehensive Sales Reports

  • Several types of built-in sales reports, including daily/weekly/monthly store sales summaries, top-selling product reports, top-selling customer reports, etc.

With Ecommerce Tracking Enabled

  • We make it super easy for you to add Google Analytics website statistics to your store. Just copy and paste your Google Analytics code and everything else is done for you seamlessly. What's more? We've integrated Google's Ecommerce Tracking feature as well, so you can not just track visitors but also actual sales and conversions.

Quick Store Statistics Panel & "Sales Mood" Background Change

  • Want to know IMMEDIATELY how your store performed over the last few days/hours? Then, how about using our unique control panel that literally changes color depending on your store's performance? We make dry & boring statistics FUN!
  • Have the MOST IMPORTANT store stats at your fingertips everytime you work on your store. With your Quick Store Statistics panel, you'll literally see only the "big picture" numbers like number of sales, customers and newsletter registrations right at the top of every page while you're working on your store.

View Abandoned Cart Orders

  • In addition to your store's completed orders, you can also view aborted orders. These are orders where the customer has added products to their shopping cart, but chosen to abandon their purchases before making payment. You can use this information to improve your checkout process to reduce cart abandonment, as well as directly engage customers who interrupted their purchases.

Automatic Aborted Order E-mail Reminder E-mails

  • This is useful tool that lets you automatically contact customers who started, but failed to complete orders at your store. You can customize the e-mail that's sent out to find out why these customers did not go through with their purchases, as well as try to persuade them to come back to complete their orders at your store.

View Registered Customer Wish Lists

  • You can view the content of customer wish lists to see what's popular.

Automatic Wish List Reminder Emails

  • Be proactive and convert those wish lists into sales by emailing automatic reminders to customers who have items in their wish lists. Sometimes all it takes is a gentle nudge to get customers buying. You could also promote your wish list items by offering discounts and other offers.

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